Major Glitch that caused violations.

Good morning all,
Just a few minutes ago I tried to jump in an F14 and do some touch and goes, but that’s when the world fell, literally. I started at KSWF, fell through the world a few times. Then I went to EDDF, attempted to start in about 5 different spots as well, fell through the world on each spot. So the last time I fell for a few seconds to see what would happen, phone froze after a few seconds, but not before I got a screen shot! Then I had to reset my phone. Come back on to two violations. Could I please get some help? Lol


Try the steps mentioned below and see if the problem persists.


I’m attempting solo now

After clearing the cache it seems to work. Thank you.

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Is there any chance that a mod could remove the two violations I received for it?