Major ATC problem

Hello there. I’m CamJam and fairly new here, so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section. Recently I have been having trouble with the ATC. I have noticed (mainly for the Expert server) that whenever i attempt to switch from approach to tower on the final, I still receive Approach instructions, even though I am connected to the Tower. Once I have landed without me being able to contact tower successfully, I try ground multiple times, I still receive Approach conversations. Unfortunately for me, this has happened multiple times on the Expert server, including Las Vegas, Miami, London Gatwick, and Sydney. Because of this issue I have been ghosted twice for not being able to respond to commands. So I tried to do a little research. I went onto the ATC training server and connected to San Francisco Tower and Ground. About 10 minutes in, the first plane incoming to San Francisco had a call sign “Unknown” and was giving me requests, but I couldn’t reply back because “Unknown” had zero information, regarding aircraft, destination, anything. So I refreshed, and “Unknown” became “United …” or something, had information, had the aircraft imagery on the Tower map, and I could actually respond. That would be fine, if there weren’t 30 other aircraft trying to land. Eventually, all of the planes starting at SFO became “Unknown” and all went crazy requesting a pushback, I had no way of answering back, so I gave up and left. I’m thinking these two instances are related somehow and is a major setback to the experience of Infinite Flight Pro. Keep in mind I had perfect connection to ATC, Live Server, everything. If there is a way to fix this manually, pls help i need.

Thanks - CamJam

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This is what you should do if your experiencing this issue. While your ghosting most likely won’t be reversed, you should always follow instructions.

The unknow is usually caused by leaving the app(IF) for extended periods of time and then coming back. Which the lapse of connection causes the “unknown.”
This is the lasted and greatest with the unknow aircraft issue.


Maybe restart your device or check that your WiFi is too weak to support Infinite Flight. And it is also possible that you can run IF on your device, but it struggles to support this. But that depends on your decive if it is old or new and what it is running. Sorry if this doesn’t help, but I though I would start you off.

Did you leave the application at any time?

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Controllers have seen their fair share of NORDO planes, which are those that are stuck on the approach frequency and can’t switch to Tower or Ground. The approach controller will know if one is facing this issue when he responds to commands but do not receive a response, and will then inform the Ground and Tower controllers. When dealing with NORDO aircrafts, controllers will not ghost unless you are interfering with traffic. So if you are aware of what is going on around you and act appropriately (not entering runways when someone is on the runway etc.), you won’t be reported.

However, it is always best to prevent it in the first place, by not exiting the app at any point during your flight after you spawn. If you do face this issue again, the best option is to end the flight or divert to an uncontrolled airport, but if you decide not to, then do have some situational awareness by observing other traffic to avoid being ghosted.


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No I was on IF the whole time, it never closed out. My WIFI was perfect, it’s a bit tough when you can’t respond.

So for long haul flights, how often should I check back to prevent this?

I think the issue would be with your internet connection then. Try restarting your router and use your device in a location with good WiFi strength

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