Major announcement coming from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

*Image owned by the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport


My local airport is going to announce something big today at 2pm EDT!
It’s located at the ticket counters, which means we have landed a new carrier!
They have sent a document stating they would like a ULCC to serve MHT, so I’m super hyped to see who it’ll be!!

I’ll update this thread once the announcement is made!
You can watch the livestream from their Facebook too!

What airline do you think will come to MHT?
Vote below!

  • Spirit
  • Frontier
  • Breeze Air
  • Avelo Air

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Check out my blog I posted yesterday!


I don’t mean to be a buzkill, but

(Obviously via Tampa_airport_spotting on insta)

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Not confirmed yet

That would certainly make sense. They have been expanding quite aggressively recently.

Spirit airlines confirmed.


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Flights will be inaugurated to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers.

Just confirm, flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando will start October 7, Fort Myers on November 17, and Tampa on November 28.


I’m super hyped about this! It’s been forever since we landed a new carrier at MHT!

I’ve made my Blog post! Read it here:



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Great news! Touristic services are on the path to recovery, which is amazing news for the entire industry. Thanks for sharing!

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Love some good news about New England!

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