Major Airbus update due

General Aviation. Like a C172 or 208 sort of thing.

But some of the comments here have been really negative. This guy is not harassing the devs. He is just asking if Airbus will get a little more attention. Many of you who have said ‘just use the A320’ and the like we’re pestering for the B787 before the update was announced. If you’re gonna make comments like that, go somewhere else please.

@PlanesForLife there was absolutely no need to put that on a public forum.


What do you mean?

Whoever found out about this. Nic job. The Airbus are crap except for the A320 actually it’s kinda crap too with armed spoilers

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I really expect the A330 and A340 to come with gear tilt. But give the devs some rest.

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Don’t worry they’ll add all 330 and 340 varients plus geae tilt when it comes to rework(to make us pay) but yeah I’m not pushing it coz they have global and another non commercial plane.

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Break we pay for this not for breaks

Who are you speaking about

If you had to put it do it in a PM.

I’m defending him, nothing wrong with that :)

You aren’t defending anybody, you’re making personal remarks about a person. If you don’t like what he is coming out with, then just ignore the guy. No need to say that :)

Anyways any more in a PM pls.

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I agree with this. All the updates before the A320 update for a while where for Boeing. The 737, 747,787 all got reworked when only the A320 got reworked. I’m not moaning I’m just stating that the devs maybe have gone biased to Boeing. Let the Europeans take some pride with good aircraft from Airbus in the sim


I agree with you

No no no…
I thought it was good ;)

You’re the one who told me to get it. I flew it twice.

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Yeah I know, because I thought it was good. I’ll give you reimbursement later :)

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I remember the Slack Chat. A update is really due.

Yup it is.

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This happens when you cruise at higher speeds or descend at higher speeds and not adjusting the trim.

Yeah they should rework the A340 A330 and A380!

Isn’t that screenshot a 777? :P

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