Major Airbus update due

After the 787 update it definitely stopped being worth the 5$


I never liked it so whatever

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It will be worth it once it’s reworked, it’ll probably be even better that the 787.

I 100% agree that Infinite Flight’s Airbus planes need an update.
And there will be an update. The devs also announced that they will try to implement gear tilt at some point in the future.

So my guess is that they will get overhauled once they figured out a way to add gear tilt. Because seriously, you can’t have an A333 or A346 without gear tilt.

Before that happens, I think the single tire-pair geared planes e.g. CRJ2, E170-E190 or even the 737s will get their update.

If - and if, when and what happens is up to the devs. Meanwhile we can enjoy the 20+ planes already there.


Well if the aircraft is nit descending while maintaining a nose down pitch. Cant really complain

I’ve got y, fingers crossed for the A340. I’m hoping more liveries will be added.

Because Boeing :) Although I do agree the Airbuses needs to get reworked. I bought the A330 before I knew it was an old model.

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The 747 cockpit looks awful especially the lighting

I think the C-17 and CRJ should be next. After that the Airbus’ Since the A330 and A340 have similar features (Cockpit, Gear Tilt, Wing Flex, Wings) I expect them to be in one update together.

I would expect the C17 rework to hopefully come with the C5 Galaxy. And the CRJ to have the -100, -200, -700, -900 and -1000.

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You’re probably right. Laura said that a 787 wouldn’t be the same without wing flex, so gear tilt would probably be introduced with the A330/340.


The C17 in its current shape is awful to fly. It wants to Dutch roll constantly and generally leans towards jet upset.


I really hope the A330 will be the next reworked plane!

They aren’t gonna rework planes that quickly. Besides that the A320 family is amazing! Don’t forget how much work they put into those aircraft and every aircraft.

Guys, Phillipe stated in the Flightcast episode that the next plane is a GA.

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What’s a ga

General Aviation (C172, C208 etc.)

boeing is just better


I do agree that the nose down trim is annoying because the 757 does the same thing but you are not utilizing the weight change on the aircraft. On the A330 I usually increase the weight to heavy and change it to light for landing.

Well, they could also do an Airbus rework, like what they did with the 777s and 787s. The 787s were the main update, but the 777s also got reworked.

You can reply in a friendly manner you know 👀

And to be honest. The only Airbus aircraft that need reworking are: A380/330/340. But all these reworks takes time, effort and money.

So be patient, it will come eventually

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