Majestic A340 takeoff

Everyone look at this beauty takeoff it’s so satisfying, now IF needs the A340 300!

(not my vid Credit:


Well you can vote for it here:

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thx @anon24319801

We had a similar kind of topic that has closed down for a reason:

My statement:

Not being negative to this but I’d say in a big community with hundreds of people online everyday we surely need more important and informative topics than showing off other people’s videos.

It would make more sense if the credits is yours so they would admire someone’s work. But have this in mind that there are hundreds or thousands of similar videos and this could clog the forum a little. I hope you understand what I mean.

Still, I love TAP A340s and it’s sad to see it disappear soon.

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Anytime mate

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Jeez what a beautiful aircraft. It sucks how they only have 4 in their fleet right now. Soon to be retired as well :(

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yea but the look awesome in that livery

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But it is RWA so what does this have anything to do with IF? I mean these topics are amazing to see.


The engines look to small for the plane, sorry pencil

thats whyy there are four😂

Not really the intended purpose of the #real-world-aviation category.