Maiquetia Approach SVMI on Expert, oh so nice

Recently, I made the jump to flying primarily on Expert from Training and IFATC LEE you are a fine example as to why. I’m currently fifth on the approach of at least fifteen flying about and the traffic is so organized.

Thank you!

I’m positive Arthur on the Tower is going to continue this truly epic experience on IF for me :)


Glad you’re enjoying expert sever. And thanks all IFATC for your great controlling every time.

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Absolutely. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences but this is the first opportunity I had to fly with traffic on Expert. Very delightful. Have managed to continue providing ATC at Cancun while at it.


Glad you’re enjoying the ES. Treat the ES nicely, it’ll treat you back the same!

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@IFATCLee3440 @Arthur Nice job gents!


Sounds very good ! Always follow the ATC instructions because they know what they do and you will get more great experience ✈️😁

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We always do our best to please you all.


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