Maintenance trouble for VC-25

It was recently determined that one of the VC-25s available to the President of the United States was put at risk of a mid-air explosion due to a failure to adhere to proper maintenance procedures for cleaning the oxygen system properly. It was found the oxygen system was contaminated thus running the risk of oxygen reacting with another element resulting in a fire within the system. The aircraft has since been repaired and returned to service.

Note: The article says that Trump was at risk , however the incident occurred in April of 2016 and the aircraft was removed for repairs and inspection shortly after. During this time It was Obama that would have most been at risk if something had happened.


I guess Boeing will have to deliver the new AF1s earlier


I read both the linked article here and an embedded link to Air Force Times. Both reference the original mistake was made in April 2016 during maintenance, but neither is clear on whether it was discovered only earlier this year after Trump was inaugurated or if it was discovered immediately.

I guess it’s possible discovery took that long, though I would certainly hope not.

I’m amazed that something like this was found on the most maintained aircraft in the world. As long as Air Force One is on the ground, it’s constantly maintained.

I saw this. About two or three weeks ago, VC-25 was doing testing overhead in Denver. Saw her a few times. Maybe that was why.

Damn. That’s scary. The plane you least want to have maintenance issues with…

There isn’t that much risk in improper maintenance of that particular system. Oxygen is very reactive because of it being an integral part of any combustion reaction, even a properly maintained system can cause things around it to start burning if it springs a leak.

Yeah, I know. The reference was to a post that is no longer there that suggested as much.

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Where did the article mention that there was risk to Trump? Anyway, it’s good thing this risk was caught before it happened.

This is one of the reasons I believe we need the new 747-8s much faster.

“…one of the two aircraft available to President Trump …”

“…the potentially dangerous outcome…”

They are probably overstating the danger, as American media outlets are hilariously misinformed when it comes to aviation. But that was the implication, be they incorrect or not.

I guess “minor maintenance issue doesn’t really endanger anyone” wasn’t as click-baity a headline.

4 mill worth of repairs is quiete the chunk of change. They also mixed the regular oxygen lines with the medical oxygen lines. According to a guy that works at Boeing they burnt down a new 737 back in the day for this same type of mishap.

Yeah big media is out of control. Heck, calling them out of control isn’t enough to describe their action. They like to overblow everything then like to drag it out as long they can even if there is little new information. They would just put in one or two paragraphs with new information then use same old information for rest of article to make it look new. Funny enough they don’t drag any heartwarming news out, tell you enough about them. lol

Oxygen was also responsible for Apollo 13. I say we ban it!

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I believe that the current VC-25 is a B-747 200 (B742). This is an awesome aircraft but an old aircraft (were currently at the B-748 in the 747 lineup). The B742 is featured in IF and you can compare the 200. , 400 & 800 in the sim. Same basic airplane but They’re worlds different and all awesome in their own ways :)

It’s incredible that the VC-25 is able fly as much as it does and a testament to the maintainers who work hard to keep this old bird looking good & operational.

Looking forward to the VC-25 fleet getting Updated 747s.

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