Maintenance Flight From South America all the way to Middle East

Hello everyone!

Someday of 2017 Avianca made their longest flight in history, a flight on their mighty Boeing 787 From Bogota, Colombia, all the way to Abu Dhabi, UAE in order to do some maintenance to their Rolls Royce engines in Etihad’s hands. Today I made this flight with @Juan_Alejandro_Duran since he now can fly in Expert Server.

Flight Details

Route: Bogota (SKBO)- Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Flight time: 15 hours, 3 minutes
Server: Expert

Now to the photos:

Both of us parked at an Hangar in El Dorado Airport:

Rotation with some traffic on Colombia’s biggest airport:

Gear up!

Flying over the beautiful Colombian mountains heading to the Atlantic:

It has been sometime, now we are entering the African coast:

Aligning to a runway ready for landing:

A floaty, but safe landing:

Thanks for watching!

Note: This images were lightly edited, feedback is welcome!


Nice Images!

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Thank you very much!