Maintaining wrong altitude

So I am at FL251 when I did set the altitmeter for FL400 (Forgot to take a screenshot of it showing FL400) but it just stayed at FL251 and in the second picture you can see I do not have an altitude set for FL251. Anyone know why that is? And I was flying the A330-200F

Where you climbing or decending?

I had intentions of climbing to FL400 (And it was set to climb to FL400) but it just climbed to FL251

What was your climb VS at the time?

When I realized it was not climbing the VS was at 0

And I realized I wasn’t climbing well over half way into the flight. I will be able to view a replay when I am done with the flight

What was your load when you started climbing?

Think i was too heavy although I went off of si briefs calculations

How heavy were you? Usually if you’re too heavy you just start losing speed rather than just stop climbing.

Wait no if I am at a lets say 75% load I should be able to climb to atleast FL300 right?

Yeah, 75% load you wouldn’t ever make it to FL400. You should have gotten to at least 30-32k?

Re read my previous question

Re read my last sentence :)

If he was too heavy, which won’t be the case unless he is over MTOW, he would not stop at exactly 25100 and maintain his altitude and speed. He would be able to get to 32-33k easily.

Are you 100% sure that your altitude was set to 40000?

1000% I checked it prior to taxi and takeoff and my speed above FL100 was set to 310 kts I will pull the replay up and On the HUD during the replay I have never found the speeds to be at the accurate speed

here is the link

My fault I stalled I was way too heavy.