Maintaining Landings Last 90 Days for Grade

Hi, I need help. I was a grade 4 and then a grade 3 because i didn’t do the sufficient amount of landings in 90 days. I keep flying and landing and they aren’t added as a land. The landings keep going down and now I’m a grade two and I am not happy. Can this be fix? If not I’ll be canceling my subscription, its not fair. My call sign is N14AU Super.

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So the thing is about the 90 days is that if you did a flight 91 days ago, then that landing would fall off. Is this what is going on?

The landings will go down if those landings are over 90 days old. In other-words, the number that is displayed on your grade table is a count of landings that you have done in the last 90 days. Your account still and will continue to show a grand total of all of the landings that you have done. The system is working as it was designed.

Below is a topic that will help explain a little more about the grade table if that’s something that you still have questions about.


So if you dropped from Grade 3 to Grade Two it likely isn’t because of landings in the last 90 days, because you only need 5 landings in the last 90 days to be grade 3. However, more than 3 violations in the last week will drop you to grade 2, as well as having a violation to landing ration of greater than .5.

As far as landings keep going down, see DeerCrusher’s post above.


Greetings, you need to maintain your landing to keep your grade. If you want to be grade 3 I suggest taking 20 minutes and doing some touch and goes once every week or two. It will help you maintain that grade 3 status.

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