Maintaining center line

I need tips for maintaining center line on final approach. It is very hard for me to stay stable and not turn to much on final.


If you turn off ima for final and hand fly just remember small corrections, this is key.

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As soon as your back gear touches down, use rudder to maintain centreline before the nose gear touches down.

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If you cant maintain center line on approach. Fly it down, crab it in. Yaknow
Once you start to fly over the runway kick that rudder, amd bring her down. That rudder control is key

You can always go around


Rudder! Can’t tell you how many times my CFI has screamed that in my ear 😜😂


Honestly one of the most important trick to fly in a precise manner is never to autocorrect inputs on the aircraft’s Flight Surfaces.

With training in solo you should be able to try different inputs on Roll, Yaw and Pitch and by trying that multiple times you will get to feel what needs to be corrected after each landing.

Training is key (no wonder real pilots train days to land a 50 tons metal tube)


Hit the nail on the head ^

Very small corrections go a long way.


In addition: try using your throttle to maintain glideslope instead of pitch. Don’t go full throttle, 5-20% increases for a second or two should do the trick.


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