Maintain My Grade 3!

Starting of I think I put this on the wrong catagory but oh well…

I heard people go on about “keeping grade 5” by doing something like 200 landings, I’m grade 3 and I’m wondering how many flight hours and / or landings do I need to do and how often to maintain my grade ??

Any help is appreciated

  • Jamie

All the info you need to know will be on your grade table :)

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If you click on your grade info, it will show you what you need to accomplish before moving up.

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on your infinite flight homepage press ur display name which is in the top right, then click on the little i next to your grade there you should see the requirements for your grade and the grade above :)

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The above responses are correct to the maintenance of and improvement of levels.

More comprehensive information on how to read your grade table can be found at the link attached below.

The below screenshot (not mine, credit) shows all requirements including those for Grade 3.



Thanks for the quick responses. I have checked the table and it says I need 100 landings within 90 days for grade 4 as one of these requirements, does this mean if I don’t get 100 I am put down to grade 2 or is the only way you can be down graded violations ??

I’m not trying to sound like an idiot I swear 😂

  • Jamie

Keep in mind that the time based stats are tied to the calendar. So if you do 200 landings today alone, then 91 days from now those 200 will fall off.

The goal is constant activity.

Thanks for the help, you can close this post or do whatever you do after I’ve found my answer 🙂

Again many thanks,

  • Jamie