Mainline at Regional Airports

Do you live near an airport that has mainline jets that are regularly scheduled? I live near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, where Delta and Southwest are the only airlines to offer mainline.

-A319 MHT-DTW (September 2016, yearly. Summer-Fall schedule)
-A320 MHT-DTW (Today 10/7/16)
-MD88 MHT-ATL (Every day)
-B717 MHT-DTW (yearly-everyday)
-B737’s (used on all routes)


I know airlines at MLI use CRJ’S and ERJ-145’s, and I think Allegiant uses the MD-88.


Oh. Its odd how our airport is now getting mainline. Though, Delta usually reverts back to their CRJ’s usually mid day. United strictly uses both the ERJ’s and DHB-8 on their routes. American also doesn’t fly Mainline to MHT.


Yeah, I think Delta just uses CRJ’S and like you said United uses the ERJ-145. American just flies to Dallas Ft Worth and Chricago I believe from MLI.

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Just checked FR24/7 and United was using a CRJ. Kind of odd in my opinion.

Bozeman Yellowstone Airport serves mainline Delta, United, and Frontier.

Wow! That’s awesome!

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