Main Screens Empty

Isn’t this odd, there are two aircraft visible in the first screenshot, however none are one the second. Help?


This most likely is because you aren’t connected to the servers. Did you try restarting your app?

The app and the device, yes.

Same on my end, looks like API service, which is providing that data, is down, so we better continue here:

Now some aircraft are visible on the main screens, however the airport list on the right is empty for all servers.

having the same problem as you

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All aircraft are missing again

I had the same problem, I just loaded up my flight and everything worked fine

Spawning in has no issues, it’s just the main screens and branches

Oh that white dot on the map is airplanes?

Yes, it is

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My main screen seems normal.

It appears to be back up for me now!

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It is up for me as well

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Restart the app it worked for me

LiveFlight is also working again!

Great! happy flying/controlling now guys!