Main Cabin interior

I think this would be great to add to the infinite flight world! Although it would take quite a bit of programming, it would be really cool. So basically it’s the main cabin of a plane, like 3D seats and little extra things. I know we have it in the Cessna Citation X and Boeing 717 but it would be great seeing these in the airbus A380 and the Boeing 737!

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Seeing a fully detailed interior of a A380 laggy seems veryyy laggy.


Yah I do realize that. It’s just an idea though, I dont demand this. I think it would be a really great feature that’s all.


Yes, this would be a nice feature but the lag that will come with it will be almost unbearable. Maybe just a new Right Wing and Left Wing view would be nice.


So do you want cabin interiors in only the 737 and A380 or all aircraft? I know you want them on all aircraft, but please be more clear next time, as others my not understand ;)

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But then they’d have to model an interior for each airline.

IMO this would NOT be laggy. If you’ve ever played Aerofly 2 before (not saying it’s better here), it has very nice interiors with NO lag at all even though that might be because I use an iPad Air.

They could just use generic models…

But last time I checked, Aerofly 2 was over 6gb. Not everyone has that much space - and interiors for all aircraft would take up a majority.


this would be a nice touch. Touches like these are needed for infinite flight to compete with the detail of xplane 10 and areofly 2 planes sure the exterior models are great on infinite flight (787/777/dash-8/airbus a320) but areofly has fully moving cockpits in hd and xplane has a fully interactive 737 cockpit. And the fact that all areofly planes have wingflex and there own unique sound.


No I was just giving an example.


Seems like a waste of resources currently. I don’t really care what the back looks like. I wanna be up front flying


Does Aerofly 2 have live where hundreds of people fly in the same server? Just KLAX TS1 as it is is pretty laggy for some. So adding a whole new camera view that has to be detailed with every little thing would be quite laggy.

If you’re talking about a fully detailed cabin, that would take a lot of time to implement! You’ve got all the galleys, more than 800 Seats, (538 on the main deck and 315 on the upper deck) then you have the bar which if implemented, there would be so much detail to add, especially with sofa & TV, then the lounge and on Emirates, if you have the showers and that would take a while to! I would personally love to see a detailed cabin but it would take weeks to implement and a lot of hard work! (Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know that much on how long things take to develop, it just sounds as if it would take a lot of time)

I am talking somewhat detailed cabins. Like different colored seating for each airline. Generally the seat layout.

They could… oh wait, then we’ll get people complaining about how it’s unrealistic.

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When they added interior to 717 is there a way to see it?

Just use the Free Cam to navigate your way around ;)

This would be great for new aircrafts coming to IF

I would be happy with just a wing view that is accurate. Maybe have an outline of the window itself and have the sounds from the cockpit implemented