Main battery

Hi! After you turn on the engines does the main battery need to be turned off because the power is generated by the engine ?


You turn off the APU not the Main Battery. And Yes you Turn off the APU after engines are on and while entering gate upon arrival


The main battery turns on your instruments. Not something you want to fly without.

Ya but what is the purpose of the main battery then ?

Right here.


But the instruments are running now with the main battery off and engines running.

ok that’s concerning and looks like a bug. maybe a dev can see and clarify if this is supposed to happen or not

Stationary: Battery —> APU = Instruments Alive

Engines On: Both Engines On —> APU Off = Instruments sty Alive due to battery

Engines Off: Both Engines Off —-> APU On = Instruments Alive

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So what should I do?

If we are following real world procedures, the battery should stay on. According to every Boeing 777 checklist I could find, the battery is turned on the moment the pilot enters the cockpit, and is the last thing turned off before they leave.

And your lights, if I’m not wrong.

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