Mail Day! - 20 June With the helicopter!

Today’s the longest day of the year for us here in Alaska, parts of us will have 24 hours of sunlight, we also will slowly began to lose light as winter starts to come our way.
With the celebration of sun, it means mail day for the Island!
Here we are flying mail in today!


(Current picture of us loading in Wales Alaska!)


You know, I always see your post. And everytime I see them, I want to pack my stuff, travel to Alaska and join some of your flights. The pictures are stunning. Alaska seems so beautiful. At some point, I’ll definitely travel over there.

I’m looking forward to new posts!


You’re always welcome to visit! If you want to we can pull some strings and get you on

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I’ll keep that in mind! Alaska isn’t around the corner, but we’ll see. The world is a small place sometimes. Thank you!


Pretty awesome pictures. My brother ia curre tly working up there on the north slope on a rig. Absolutely beautiful, from the pictures he sends.

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Who does he work for?
We contract helicopters for several oil companies

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He works for Haliburton

Okay cool! We don’t have any ships working for them

24 hours of sun would be awsome! But I suppose there is the reverses too…

I am gona be out till 9 tonigjt soaking up the almost (not that close) midnight sun!

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This was 1222am local this morning n Barrow, Alaska lol

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Actualy @anon93248082 how does the all day dark or sun affect your operations? (winter is probably not what you want to think about…) 😛

Great question!
So in the winter depending on location, we have no legal day time that’s typically in Deadhorse, Alaska which is located here from my home base.


So we fly under our company regulations for night time operations.
Now it’s the complete opposite in the summer, we have no legal night time so it’s all day operations.

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What do you do diffrently at night? Or is it just diffrent? I would assume it is all IFR right?

We still fly, only our operations miniums are higher. So let’s say that day time we need 3 mile vis, at night we’d need 5 mile vis

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