Maiden flight at my new job!

Good day infiniteers! I’d like to start by thanking those of you who helped me find what I was looking for! And in my search landed the job I’ve always dreamed of having…(sappy music softly plays in the background….)…. Thank you FedExVirtual for accepting my credentials and adopting me into the FedEx family! And to inaugurate and document my first cargo flight from my home hub in Greensboro NC to Chicago Ohare in none other than the all time fan fare favorite the McDonalld Douglas MD11F. … she’s such a joy to operate! Enjoy and thank you for watching!


Time: 22:00z
Date: 021/27/11
FedEx virtual1605
Expert server
McDonald Douglas MD11F
Servicing KGSO to KORD
Flight time 1hour 44 min
Departure and arrival filled in flight

So to start off I have my filled flight data …with my company! 😉

They have an extremely well organized commercial pilot center that is stunning!

After filing all my tedious paperwork and flight plan, Departure flight plans it’s time to fire up those engines!

I did this flight in real time but had to shed some light on the situation!

Little traffic this evening!

My arrival and approach plans are played out like a symphony that graces your ears and sends your emotions soaring! …I’m really liking this!

I hate night photos, but …the graphics guys, wow!

So now we gotta put this bird down…. Bob and I (we are a great team). Configures my bird for landing and we take her in slow…. at first…

And let’s empty this cargo…and do it all again tomorrow!
Thanks for watching!


Ahh the love bug MD-11. Still a force in Heavy Lifting worldwide!!
Nice work! Remember to feather the throttles and watch your speed with the big one on landing as she drops out of the sky quickly. With flaps fully extended for a nice on target landing, it will help keep the that big nose from trying to pop up on you. You’ll get the hang of her. When you do, she fly’s like no other in IF.

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Yeah, I’ve more hours in this airframe than I care to count… this was full flap, and absolutely did feather those throttles! I have a video of this landing as I do believe it to be in my top 5 , isn’t she lovely!! I need to figure out how to upload a video, or is there a way I can send you the replay of this flight?

Just export the file and send it in a message. I can pull it in for review!

Copy and send?

That will do it. If you’re on an apple device you can save it to files and then email it.

Ok I may try that, cause you gotta see this one, 😮 dm me your email I’ll send it that way…

You can do share my replay. Cool photos!

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Just attach from an upload and PM the file to me. Just like if you were uploading a bug.

We are glad to have you with us!

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