Maho flying, day 3 of 20.3!

Today’s IFATC region brought us to the southeastern United States, and the northern Caribbean Islands. The 757 is looking great, and flies so much better!

On to the flight:
Airline/Aircraft: Delta 757
Flight Time: 3:42

On to the photos!

Pushing back, while we see a Korean Air 748

Taking off runway 27R at KATL, a tad bit off centerline

Leaving Hot-Lanta as we climb to cruise

Cruising at FL380 as we head over The Bahamas

Pretty cool picture as we descend into Sint. Maarten

Seeing our first views of TNCM

Gear down and on final

A lucky spotter gets a pic of us on Maho Beach

Buttering the landing at a busy vacation destination

Back taxiing runway 10 headed towards the apron

Rolling up to our gate after a fun flight

Thank you! Please only comment on my photos, not on your issues of the 757;)


Great photos!


“A tad off centerline”
Is @Deltadev13 the impostor?

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Delta 75- ima need you to copy this number…


A tad bit??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Next time, use your HUD to keep you on the centerline AND rudder and aileron deflection

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Ummm, you were way off the centerline LOL. You could’ve controlled the rudder to keep the plane on the centerline when taking off. LOL!!!

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I love this sunset picture. Looks like an awesome flight!

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What is up with that box in the middle?

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nahhhhh you were fine. perfectly in line.

Jokes aside, very epic pictures!

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