Maho Beach View

I think that it would be very cool to be able to have a Maho beach view at TNCM. It is the famous beach where you can see the landing planes. It would be fun to plane spot on live from there.


I actually like this idea.

Not too shabby. But how would you access it, through ATC?

Maybe a special view. Through ATC sounds right. Maybe ATC 2

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No need to tag me when you are already replying. But, maybe it could be a new view, only available in the Caribbiean?

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Just imagine the thrill of having some idiot landing an A380 in your face…


Or being decapitated by a KLM 747


Yeah, that would be cool.

I am going to bring this up on the feedback forum.

Maybe if you’re flying through the Caribbean, and you’re within 5 miles from TNCM, maybe a button can pop up that reads, “Beach View”. Then, press the button, and watch your flight. That might be dangerous, so better than that, there could be an option if you’re on the ground at TNCM, coded as 1 mile from TNCM at its elevation, to show a replay in the view.

You could be in like a spotter mode at every major airport

[insert ray gay music] [insert 747-400] [insert decapitated head]

Maybe even a free roam view.

I would requesting that one but it was already requested here :)

Nice idea, sir!