Maho Beach shots (TNCM)

Nice shots from Maho beach

Just landed some planes on solo mode and got some cool shots

American Airlines A320

Delta 757

Cessna Citation

KLM A330


what other airports should I get some shots at if anyone wants a say?

Madeira or DCA if you see anyone flying their


I would like to but I can’t make events yet so wouldn’t get any movements and would be there a while!

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Oh I would love to see Mumbai!


Also,I just realised who you are haha. @Cityflyer

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ahh understood, well im on final for 10mile final Madeira

tomorrow I might just sit at an airport for a couple hours and see!

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sorry I’m currently landing soon at Karachi!!

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I think tomorrow I might do Madeira and will do Mumbai soon after

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Gibraltar would be cool (easyJet A320 2015 livery)


ahhh yes really

I might start doing some on the expert server and not solo mode now so this would only be a couple of shots but sounds like a good idea!


not sure if your still flying but might go to Madeira soon like 30 minutes to get some shots on expert server

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i just landed an about to takeoff from TNCM headed for JFK

Really cool shots!

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thanks man! I’m at Madeira right now getting some more shots! I will also be coming back tomorrow when hopefully it’s busier

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