Mahan Air Airbus A310

So Mahan Air is an Iranian-based airline that owns a lot of old birds. My favorites are the A300 and A310 owned by them. They have a nice and modern-type of livery that I like on these aging aircrafts.

One big reason that this could be requested, is for the addition of the A300/10. They (as to my knowledge) do not have gear tilt, and look like shorter A300/30’s. They would provide a lot of routes [in the MiddleEast especially] all around the world!

What are your thoughts on this? (I would drop a vote, but I am out of votes.)

(Image taken off of Instagram. I cannot find the author. If you know who took this, then please let me know; preferably through PM.)

The A310 in general would be great in IF, I recommend voting for your own request however…

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I already stated why. :)

Ah, got it…

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Sorry but i find it abit pointless to vote for a livery on an aircraft we don’t have yet. Lets be realistic here, its a nice livery and a cool request, but i cant see the A310 being added anytime soon

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Well I wouldn’t say anytime soon, but now as of now. I practically made this for when they announce the addition. ;)

I understand, but its a great livery for sure so i might give you a vote when we get this plane in the sim:)

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Awesome, I can’t wait!

I voted for this aircraft, but honestly I prefer this aircraft in the more prestigious IRAN AIR livery.

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Just use a different photo

I just kinda like this one. (The angle and approach is beautiful to me.)

I would love to see this livery once we/ if we get the A310. One of the few remaining operators of this aircraft today! :)

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Yep! That’s what makes it special!