Mags885 ATC Tracking Thread | Closed

Hi Everyone,

Having applied for IFATC and successfully passed the theory exam, I hope to be controlling more to pass the practical exam soon! Please be brutal with your feedback via DM, I would like to make myself one of the best controllers and that will only happen with constructive and honest feedback.

Details of where I am open are below, NOTAMs posted as extra information before I open.


Airport - KLGA
Timings - Depends on Traffic
Duration - As above



  • Runways in use: 04
  • Arrivals: 04 Departures: 04
  • Pattern Work Welcome.
  • No Intersection Departures
  • Special requests via DM on IFC.

Please Follow All Instructions!

Please ensure you have a full understanding of all above NOTAMs prior to start-up.


Open at London City airport, please come on by for some pattern work!

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Now closed, thanks to all that came on by! Ended up being a pretty good early morning session.

Was there toward then end as N479QT for a few patterns.

Overall I thought your controlling was great. The available commands don’t seem perfect for a back taxi airport like EGLC but that’s an IF limitation not you. Was fun to fly there.

One thing I thought you did particularly well was handling the sequencing and then resequencing of the pattern while I was on RDW transitioning to RB, a heavy was turning final and there was someone (G-BAKA) following me as #2 on RDW. You slowed down the heavy and pushed G-BAKA to #3 behind the heavy. I imagine you would have told me to turn base if I hadn’t done it right about when I did. :)

One thing that seemed a little odd (but minor) was prior to the point in time above, I was RDW and G-BAKA was roughly on a LDW. You asked him to shift to RDW. Seems like he could have remained LDW with an appropriate sequence. I think there was enough room with the heavy on LB(ish). Again minor at most.

All in all, I thought it was great.


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Opening at KSSC now! Come and fly some patterns or use this as a departure airfield in your military aircraft! NOTAMs in original post - scroll up!

Opening at Shaw Afb! Please come on down and the me a work out :)

NOTAMs in top thread!

Staying open for another 10 minutes, if no traffic arrives then I will close up. If traffic does arrive, I will stay on as long as you like. Thanks.

On my way as PH-ADZ. See you there.

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Thanks buddy. Your time is appreciated.

I’ll come by! N428LA

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Thanks dude, again - appreciated.

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You did a good job! Only thing is, “make left traffic” wasn’t needed the second time as I was already in that traffic pattern for the runway. Good work! :)

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Nice work there @Mags885! 😊

I couldn’t find you on ATCEG, so I’ll give you the feedback here.

  • pattern entry, good.
  • timely clearance, but no exit direction **
  • new pattern instruction after runway change: good.
  • clearance again with no exit direction **
  • I missed the sequence after my touch and go; instead I received clearance for number 3. Remember: sequence needs to come first.
  • runway exit with cross: great!

** exit direction after touch and go
A pilot doing his first touch and go (new inbound or after runway change), needs to receive an exit direction (make left/right traffic) after clearance. So the fact he is coming via left or right downwind, does not automatically mean he will exit left or right. Any subsequence patterns, to the same runway, do not require an exit direction.

I should really pass this info to your Trainer. But I don’t know who this is, and I could not find you on ATCEG.

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I’m not on ATCEG bud, I’m a self educated (Tutorial fiend) controller haha

Thanks for coming down, and to everyone else too. Appreciate everyone’s feedback!

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Im now open at KLGA, if you have some spare time I would appreciate all the pattern work you can manage!

Thanks :)

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Due to zero traffic - Closed.

I just joined ATCEG and highly recommend it. This is coming from a fellow tutorial fiend and someone that lives to self-educate!

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I’m about to do the IFATC practical so its a little late for me haha

Your so lucky!, i had the background check, but they said i had “too many violations in the past”😔😔

Me too, although joining ATCEG identified some gaps in my skills so I deferred a bit to improve my skills with higher volumes.

Good luck with your practical! Hope to see us both in IFATC soon.


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