Mags885 ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED ] | Please read NOTAMs prior to Start-Up | Voting closed, EGLC the winner!

Hi Everyone,

Having applied for IFATC and successfully passed the theory exam, I hope to be controlling more to pass the practical exam soon! Please be brutal with your feedback via DM, I would like to make myself one of the best controllers and that will only happen with constructive and honest feedback.

Details of where I am open are below, NOTAMs posted as extra information before I open.


Airport - KSAN
Timings - 1100Z-1200Z
Duration - as above



  • Runways in use: 09L
  • Arrivals: 09L Departures: 09L
  • Pattern Work Welcome.
  • Special requests via DM on IFC.
  • Please Follow All Instructions!

Please ensure you have a full understanding of all above NOTAMs prior to start-up.

After not gaining much interest in a previous session, I’ve decided to utilise a poll to see where you would like to see me control next!

If you have any other locations, feel free to drop me your suggestion and I’ll add it to the next poll! Thanks.

Please vote where you would like to see me next!

  • KSAN - San Diego
  • KPSP - Palm Springs
  • EGPH - Edinburgh
  • EGCC - Manchester
  • EGLC - London City

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Hello there, I am on my way to asses your abilities. ☺️

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I’m joining in sec. Hopefully no sliding off the runway again lol.

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Did I accidentally drive through somebody? Great job Mags!

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You did mate, yes haha

A give way to aircraft ahead is normally a small clue 😉 thanks for coming down! Appreciate your time.

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Open for approx 1 hour! Maybe less depending on real world requirements Vs traffic density.

I’ll be there shortly

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Will be there as Gambler2

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Thanks for your time buddy

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How much longer are you likely to be open?

Okay I am on my way to assist.

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Half and hour or so at the current rate 👍

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Opening at EGLC, Thanks!

After a thoroughly unentertaining and non-productive session at EGLC, I thought I would open up where I control to the community! Please visit the original post to vote on where you can see me next!

If you have any other locations, feel free to drop me your suggestion and I’ll add it to the next poll! Thanks.

Now open at KSAN, San Diego. Come on down!

Pattern work welcome.

I’ll pop down shortly for you (N188TK)

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Thanks @Swiss188, appreciate your time.

Still have lots of space in the circuit if anymore would like to join us!

Pleasure, apologies i may have disconnected from tower for some reason so i missed any exit runway instruction!

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