Magical Mauritius!

The main livery I wanted for the a350 was Air Mauritius, and we got it! Since the update came out I haven’t stopped flying to and from FIMP these past few days! I’ve collected a bunch of screenshots to show the magic of Mauritius!

An evening departure out of FAOR bound for FIMP!

Descending into FIMP just after midday!

A low flyover Mauritius!

Start of approach into FIMP!

As you can see Mauritius is quite a magical place! (especially since I’ve been the in real life) If you’re looking for a tropical island to fly in or out of I highly suggest FIMP!


Looks very nice, you edited clouds too?
i thought I saw clouds

Yep on the first picture I added clouds with a filter

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Ok, nice sunrise shot by the way.
You did a great job on these👍😄

Thank you so much!

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Wow nice shots! Definitely trying this on Saturday ;)

Very nice shots! :)

Very noice shots my dude.

@Suhas @ThomasThePro @Alex_L thanks!

I see in your first pic an airport name. Is that allowed?

Not really, it doesn’t seem that it’s taken in replay mode…