Magic keyboard

Hello IF team,
I recently invested on a magic keyboard to work on my ipad 12,9in (last generation). I have noticed that the trackpad is working just as fingers but not the keyboard : when in the settings you are trying to configure it, the app does not recognise the keys.
Do I have to make a special manipulation to get it working or it is just not planed ? If not is it possible to get it working by the next update if possible haha ?
Thank you for what you are accomplishing
Captain Nore

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Does the keyboard show in the devices when you look at the control settings? It will need to be turned on when IF is started to be mapped.

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It works fine for my device

Yes it opens a new window in the settings but for example when I am trying to change a key, nothing happens…

I don’t think keyboards attached via the smart connector are recognised by IF at all…I have a Magic Keyboard for the 12,9 iPad Pro (2020) and I can’t get it to be recognised at all, similar to the 10,5 iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. However, when I type something into a search field with the keyboard, it works just fine.

I’m not sure if this a ‘bug’ or that it simply is not impented yet.


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