Magic keyboard again

Hello there, I hopped that the december update would have brought the compatibility with the magic keyboard for the iPad pro 12,9 (I don’t know if other iPads are recognising it). I already posted a topic about it on november because at that time I thought it was MY keyboard malfunctioning. So I really hope it will soon be fixed so I can fully enjoy the game.
Thank you a lot.

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I don’t have a keyboard, I think your keyboard might not work because this is a mobile flight sim. But you could try.

actually there is a keyboard control command in the settings …

Ok did you test it to see if it works because again I don’t have a keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboards do work with infinite flight… You have to map them manually, however I suspect the issue with the magic keyboard is how it interacts with the device, with it using the smart connector rather than Bluetooth. It may be that Infinite Flight does not have access to the data 🤷

that’s why i attended an answer from a moderator haha

It’s something we have noted but not a priority at this time I’m afraid. We haven’t looked into why it’s not working to my knowledge, since it should not be any different than a general Bluetooth controller.

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thanks and i hope it can work by the next update ;)

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