Magic Hour @ PHX

It’s been a solid 2 months since my last spotting session. I need to get the camera in for a good cleaning and looking into upgrading the 70-300mm I got with my Nikon D3500.

Trying not to repeat all the reasons that can produce a poor image is objective each time I try to achieve.

I mainly came to photograph the C-32 757 that the Vice President came in on that made a quick (3 hour) visit on a campaign tour.

I enjoy landscape photography and creating an image that captures beauty and artistic creativity. When couple with aviation, it’s very rewarding.


Practicing panning again.

A United ready to roll after a push back.

Golden hour is approaching…

BA A350-1000 making it in before a ground stop before C-32’s departure.

I was hoping for a Golden hour shot but it didn’t happen. Skill issues may have played a role in getting a quality image on departure.

Not the best image but is worth a view. During isolated storms in the area brewing and the sun setting created a brief moment of a hot pink color in the sky.


Gotta love it! 👌

Even though it’s dark, I love the color on this. The tail fins pop and I find it eye appealing.

What’s your favorite?


Nice shots! I got to capture AF2 departing LAX yesterday

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good stuff!


Great pics!

Imma save them in my gallery as they’re so good :)


The logistics is insane for everything to that goes into planning when these visits happen. I can only imagine the traffic at LAX. You can see the backlog of traffic from cell phone lot closures in this shot.

Thank you!

Glad you like them 👍


Yeah almost all traffic was on the south side where I was with the HA 787. Luckily it came up on radar while it was taxiing so I had enough time to head over to the north side. The shot didn’t turn out as well as I hoped though :(

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Great shots! The backgrounds in these look fantastic.

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9th picture goes hard

Awesome shots

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Appreciate it, the views with the setting sun and storms light up the sky illuminating the airport in a cooper color.

Was it worse then this?

Yeah lol

That’s a cell shot though. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. 🤪

Actually it wasn’t

Agreed! Thank you!

Oh sorry 😐 you’ll get better. It takes A LOT of practice.


Quality is low probably because I only have one lenses that meant for more closure up shots 🥲

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Amazing. Now please teach me how to get a golden hour like this every time and avoid the low hanging cirrus clouds that ALWAYS block the last 50 minutes of sun 😭

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Move to Phoenix!:)

Having grown up there, awesome cooperative skies felt like a birthright.

@Alaska170 Amazing Papago Park shot angle! You planned that as the background? I’ve never seen it captured so well from the airport. That sunset shot is an amazing perspective, not only with the lighting emphasis (Papago park spotlighted with, Piestawa Peak or whatever in the background de-emphasized), but the angle and whatever other magic(?) you used to get that result.

Red rock, planes and sky. Amazing!

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i have never read anything so relatable @Altaria55


There’s a not so well a known photo shop that I get my stash from. It’s a secret pixie dust. When released into the atmosphere at the perfect time 🪄 it creates a short burst of psychedelic and memorizing images.

All jokes a side I didn’t plan anything other then being there before AF2 departure to get pictures of that. Scattered isolated showers were not even in the forecast. I’m not good at forcasting a possible meteorological event like that evening.

I literally had the whole top level of the parking garage to myself for any angle with only light poles for obstructions. Some of it was luck, some of it was patience, mother nature took over and I was ready for it.

The colors and sunset got better as it got closer to setting. The air quality was very good from the previous days rains/winds. It just seems to last forever. Those red rocks are part of the Papago Park on the north side. Their red standstone.

I didn’t even realize until later when I was looking over pictures that I captured the BA with people inside Hole in the Rock. The angle of the sun and light was amazing. It’s not the clearest image, but still kinda cool.

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Assuming you are capturing I’m RAW format and processing, AI denoise in lightroom is a lifesaver: I can’t sing praises enough.

It would do you a lot of favours on the low light photos, the helicopter one for example. It can struggle with some of the darkest details, but it’ll work wonders on the grainy backgrounds.

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