MAFiA's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A {PASSED}

Welcome to @MAFiA’s ATC Tracking Thread!!


  • File Flight Plan before Pushback, if you wish to fly to another airport.
  • Use Remaining in the pattern, if you wish to perform Touch & Goes.



Airport 🛩


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{Any comments & suggestions are always welcome, either in thread or privately}
{Ground & Tower - Active only at the moment}


Well hi there. 🙂

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Hello 👋 😊😊

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Is it you on final?? @Ecoops123

Maybe handy to pick an airport where there’s no Radar controller?

In the meantime, have a look here

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Yes I am on approved Radar Training, since I’m already IFATC but have permission to control here on my training to progress to Radar frequencies 😜


Superb 🤩
I randomly selected this airport!!

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Ahhmm thanks!! Sure lemme find one…

Changed to CYYZ!!

Hey @Mafiaviation I might join you in a bit

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Sure Welcome!!

Status 🔴

Closed @ 1400Z

Status 🟢

Open @ 0800Z

Feedback:- VT-ALX

  1. I had spawned near rwy 12L,but you made me taxi to 12R ,also I saw that you were sending all of your aircrafts to 12R thereby creating a huge Dep line ,increasing delays and reducing efficiency. It is always advisable to use all available runways to increase eficiency and reduce delays.

  2. I requested dep remaining in pattern ,but you cleared me for takeoff without any direction, in this case the ideal reply would’ve been ,“VT-ALX,Rwy12R ,cleared for T/O,make right traffic”.

  3. you gave me a frequency change approved despite me being in pattern

  4. Nice pattern entry and clearance on my rwy change ,good job there

  5. no direction given on my rwy change.

  6. I was doing the patterns above pattern altitude all the time which you did not notice.

  7. Late rwy exit command at 38 kts GS, Remember that for Jets rwy exit is given at 60-70 kts GS & for GA aircraft it is given around 40-50kts GS

  8. Lastly you gave me an exit to the right,which in my opinion wasn’t required as there were exits on both sides of the rwy.

Keep practicing and do not forget to review the ATC manual.


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Lemme fly some patterns

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Actually something just came up. Sorry!

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Thanks @Samyak your feedback is much appreciated!! ✌️
I noticed i did a couple of mistakes & i will try to improve on it…

i was a little distracted

It’s ok!! 😊😊

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feel free to pm for any queries

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Can you do one more pattern? If you are free*