Madrid to Zurich

anyone want to fly to Madrid from zurich A319 in 5 minutes sign up below

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Anything with those words in it is considered #live:events which you must be TL2 to post

Put it in #live for a groupflight

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I will but you need to make it it event/live category

When you are TL2 you can, keep contributing to the community and soon you will get there

It is on casual server at Zulu 16:25 you take Swiss A319 and A321

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Ok, sure see you in the skys

Not exactly.

This is a flash event and doesn’t need to be in #live:events.


please dose anyone want to join

I would, if it wasn’t a 5 minute notice, but have fun, Spain and Switzerland are very beautiful

you can join now at Zurich

Are you starting from MADRID or Zurich?

Zurich airport at any gate

See you there. Flighplan is ready.

EDIT been there for over 10 mins and noone there.
I have closed. Goodbye