Madrid to San Juan

On today’s journey we took the a330 of Iberia from Madrid to Puerto Rico. Iberia service this route around 3 times a week non-stop. This is one of the only few international heavies that we still see at TJSJ.
Aircraft: a330
Flight time: 7hr45min
FL: FL320-340
Server: Expert
Filling flight plan and aircraft preparations

“Iberia 6301 heavy, winds calm, rwy 36L clear for take off”

Our SID take us to an immediate left turn

Approaching the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This approach takes over the small island of Culebra, known for its beautiful beaches, which is also part of the main island

Here we can see Jose Aponte Hernandez airport, a small airport for GA and few commercial flights to the Caribbean.This airport was formerly Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, a Navy base.

Right downwind rwy 8

Turning base

Final rwy 8 with Old San Juan town on the background.

With an elevation of 3,543 feet (1079m), we see the mountains of the famous El Yunque rainforest. Famously known in the island, and located in the town of Rio Grande, PR… my hometown.

Smoking the mains en suelo borincano,wepa!


Amazing photos mate.

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I appreciate it🤙🏽

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like we said: ve a traer nuestros boricuas de vuelta a casa. Lovely photos!

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Don’t know if this is correct but hermoso paisaje.


You said it perfectly !👌🏽

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Hermoso. De Rio Grande también. Hago esa ruta con frecuencia. Un saludo.

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Wepa vecino! Thanks. Yo actualmente no resido en RG pero toda mi familia sí. Saludos

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