Madrid to nice fly-in, suggested event

Basic event rules

Summary: It’s time for the Madrid to nice flying-in event!

My whole life I’ve been actively flying from LEMD - LFMN and I’ve made that flight a couple times in IF.
I’ve always dreamed of that to make it as an official event in IF.

This is why I’ve decided to create an event dedicated to that route.
Here is more information on the route:

  • The event will take around 2 hours
  • use procedures if available (dep, arrival)

Suggested flight tool:
CRJ-1000 Iberia new air nostrum

FL300 - FL350

M.75 - M.80

Please remember to listen to all ATC instructions and fly professionally

Server: Expert server

Airport: LEMD - LFMN

Time: zulu: 1pm-3pm


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I can’t reach it, but do you know what’s interesting? I just flown the inverse route from NCE to MAD 5 day ago for my back to home flight to DFW

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I highly doubt this is a community event, did Dan reach out to you saying they would like to feature it?

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I don’t think it is, but they are a new user, so they might not know what that means. They probably think it means an event for the entire community, when in reality, it means an event that’s sponsored by Infinite Flight.

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Yeah exactly

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