Madrid to Munich - Air Europa

This was a lovely route from Madrid → Munich operated by Air Europa. The scenery throughout Spain is really beautiful.

Server → Expert
Callsign → Europa001VA
Route → Madrid to Munich

I hope you like these photos!

Shoutout to @Martin_Zatovic who is using the Air Europa B789.

Shoutout to @Parth_Subramanian who is using the Lufthansa A359.


Really nice shots!

Was your callsign Air Europa 001VA? If it was, I was your controller 😜

I remember seeing you guys. Hope you had a nice flight.

Thank You!!

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Yes, that is right! Thanks for the great service at EDDM!

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You were inbound to Madrid right? Think I noticed you inbound to Madrid! If that was you, hope you enjoyed the route!

no I was departing from much heading to Paris but thank you anyway

Oh! Apologies, I hope you enjoyed the route!

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