Madrid LEMD ATC APP [CLOSED] Training Server

I will be controlling Approach and Departure at Madrid.


PLEASE follow my instructions as I will try to give you real approaches.

If anyone wants to join MAD Tower feel free to.

Feedback is very welcome!


I’m having connection issues…

Currently working alongside with you.

I’m working ground and tower

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Let’s make it a great session!

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Going to open near you guys.

Rest work by yourself and CLOUD, the tower and ground ATC. 👍🏼
Will send my feedback on Approach via PM

I think LEGR is better than Zaragoza as it has been redone ;)

Ok I’ll switch, thanks.

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I’m switching back to the original. Want two runways.

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I’ll close APP in 5 min, I think I had enough for today haha. Thanks everyone for the advice and for coming along!! I hope you enjoyed it.

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You guys can continue anyway! :)

Then I’ll go there then. Feel like a rag doll.

Great controlling. Your sequencing is perfect, made my job as tower much simpler, all I had to is clear them.

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I’m glad I did well and helped you. :)

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