Madrid - Bogotá Group Flight

Basic event rules

[event start=“2024-04-08 21:00” status=“public” name=“Madrid - Bogota Birthday Group Flight” timezone=“America/Bogota” end=“2024-04-09 07:00” allowedGroups=“trust_level_0” reminders=“notification.15.minutes,notification.30.minutes,notification.1.hours,notification.1.days,notification.7.days,notification.1.weeks”]

Just follow whatever the ATC says, it’s a group flight, don’t get mad if someone overpasses you or if someone is slower than you and gets behind you, there is no order of landing or take off, just as we taxi and who arrives first to the holding short


Both Madrid-Bogotá and Bogotá-Madrid are routes that have lots of daily frequencies, Avianca has 4 daily frequencies from Bogotá, Iberia has 3, Air Europa has 1 daily frequency, PlusUltra has 4 weekly frequencies but doing LEMD-SKBO-SKCG-LEMD, and soon LATAM will get into the competition with 7 weekly frequencies or 1 daily frequency. The 9 of April is my birthday so I wanted to do an event which represented one of the countries I am from, Colombia. The idea is that we can fly the four liveries that operate this route.

date of the event: 8 april to 9 april

Airplanes: (these are suggestions that I would like people to follow, but if they don’t it’s okay)

LATAM Airlines 787-9 (ideally the registration is Latam Colombia not Lan Chile, but you aren’t obligated to use Latam Colombia or any sort of registration, you can use whatever registration you want)

Avianca 787-8

Iberia A350-900

Air Europa 787-9 (Air Europa flies this route as well with 787-9s, they rarely do, but they do.)


Expert Server



Time: 20:30 Bogotá Timezone gates, 21:00 Bogotá Timeozne take off, ~7:00 Timezone landing (00:00-24:00 format)

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No gate assignment will be needed

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wth happened why is the first part like that lmfao, could any mod helping me fix that? I just did what the format said, put the create event and I just filled the info n the text is showing like that idk why

Which Date is it

8 april to 9 april

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And which time exactly I didn’t understand it

take off 21:00 hour bogotá

Is the Flight from Bogota to Madrid?

no, bogotá to madrid, but I live in bogotá so it is easier for me to put the time in bogotá hour

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And what is that in German time

add 7 hours, 3am germany take off, 14:00 landing

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What time is it in USA eastern time

@Butter575 summon

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