MadMaxSundaySermon; “Airmanship” is the Goal! (Grades & XD are Meaningless!)

MaxSez: Fly IF for real! It’s not a Game it’s the prelude to a lifestyle. In the military I had a few very close ones in the RW but never personally pranged one. As crew and Pax I’ve had my share of incidents, close, Helo/Fixed Wing calls and hull loss rides that I recall often in vivid dreams. Those vivid dream become reality on IF from time to time if you don’t stay ahead of your aircraft. Practice makes perfect!

Historically, I was cocksure when I joined IF and knew I could ride any air horse in the inventory…Yahoo! But IF ground truth proved me wrong until I strapped on a Decathlon and did a basics newbie FAM.

From that point on I flew familiarization sorties(FAM’s) on every aircraft in the inventory on the kiddie Server and watched the replays, until I had restored my self confidence. I still FAM Trash Haulers when I choose to & fly boring long haul for the numbers. But I’ll always be a GA kind of guy where “Hi Flight” flourishes and skill wins the day!

Even now after thousands of IF flight hours I’m a Violation, Ghost, “ACE”! I earned my downers the hard way. I recognize I am Pilot Error Prone and never gripe or moan to the man or embarrass myself by publicly admitting my shortcomings. When Ghosted I PM the ATC Moderator and demand a hearing only when I review the record and can substantiate controller error. I continue to re-learned lessons because I push the envelope and dare + FDS throws a curve each time they update the programs.

(As a matter of General Interest; “I Have full Faith, Trust & Confidence in anyone who “earned” the title; “IFATC”. I bad mouth them publicly only when I deem it a necessity on occasion, with malice aforethought!)

Bottom line, learn by doing… start small, study, practice, when your confident your a Master “Watchout”! An oversight will cost you 7 days, a loss of Grade + a Wake Up!

Remember; You don’t have lives in your hands now. That day may come. Master the “Craft of Airmanship” here, never stop Practicing and Learning! Aviation may be in your future!

G’day All, Max


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