MadMax Video; The Frogfoot the Russian answer to the Warthog!

MaxSez: The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming!


Great fighter Max

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MaxSez: “Ground Attack”. My friend, the A-10 needs more cockpit armor. This bear is a Flying Tank.


Didn’t the A-10 had a thick steel cockpit armor?

Yes believe ithe A-10 tub is homogeneous steel or reflective. The Russians used Titanium, lighter & stronger… It’s a modern Sturmovik (tank) like your name sake. Interesting that the Russians would accept the high cost of Titanium they normally opt cut and build in mass and always are cost conscious in there aircraft design unlike our billion dollar flying computers. Correct me if I’m wrong. Max


I´m blind for modern aircraft, so I´ll believe you.

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No, this is:


This Sir is Soviet Propaganda at its best, I reminds me of the mindless Grubers who staff our great halls. LOL.

(This airframe was actually experimented with. Not enough lift and it failed.)

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The Russians were remarkably adept at building big gnarly looking beasts that would put the fear of God into you! Simple and effective.

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