MadMax Video- SAS A-340 Doin a "Wheelie"

MaxSez: This laid back go reminds me of an Advance Server routine precision IF ILS Recoveries:


LOL… planes don’t normally do this I hope


Fortunately the nose wheel didn’t suddenly slam onto the ground.


Remarkable. How did they manage to pull this off?

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raising the nose ;)

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I know, but the nose never stays off the ground that long, especially after the spoilers deploy.

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Explain what you think spoilers do? It doesn’t affect speed. So what do they do?

They destroy lift so as to put the aircraft on the ground.


They do destroy lift but they don’t destroy the lift for the nose. Atleast not entirely. You still need to peel off the speed and push the nose down so when the speed gets peeled off the landing gear doesn’t hit the ground really heavily

Outstanding skill there. Bus driver keeping his hand in!

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Best way to slow a heavy on landing, pitching slightly high and easing her down

MaxSez: That was an unskilled landing folks. It was pilot error! There where Pax’s in the back riding it down in recliners. Am sure the pilot in control got some heat.
If it where a military aircraft the driver would be in hack and riding/driving a downer desk for awhile. I can hear the galley raddle and overhead clatter from here. (Good thing there was no apparent crosswind. No nose wheel steering till the second marker at speed, OhMy…

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BMX Aviation ;)

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