MadMax Video: Japan's Stealth take's Flight. "The ShinShin". Mitsubishi ATD-X2

MaxSez: ya can’t keep’em down on the farm!

Imagine this was added into IF. There would be so many dogfights on PG.

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Mini F-22 haha

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MaxSez: check out the Speed Brake/extended Flaps on landing. Unique design or innovation?

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Looks more like a F-35 if you’d ask me…

It definitely has the tail fins of an F-22. Front seems like a cross between F22/F35, but for me the tail sticks out more

Ok it’s a stealthy and sneaky hybrid of both 😂

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It looks like they jam the elevators up to slow down. I’ve seen F-22s do the same!

If you go to 2:05

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