MadMax Video- Cirrus Chute Save

Incredible video. It’s the 63rd successful Cirrus CAPS deployment, with 127 survivors to date.

Tap Link or Cut & Paste. (Cutesy UTube & NY Channel 4)


The Co50 Valkyrie (look it up, beautiful plane) actually has an option for this parachute too! Cirrus really did some good work with this.

@Thomas_Galvin. MaxSez… Valkyrie a 50’S vintage design and a flash in the in the pan.As I recall Tom its Chute System was a Crew Capsule not a whole airframe saver. Good catch though, you know your vintage aircraft that for sure. “Do Good Work”.

It really is a gorgeous plane. Matt Laban is friends with the CEO of Cobalt. Anyway, I’m 90% sure it’s an airframe. I could be wrong. Let me go check.

@Thomas_Galvin… My bust Tom. I recognized the “Valkyrie” as the XB-70 not the Co50 with its knocked of name. More power to Cobalt, as a startup in today’s environment it’s gonna be a haul to break into the market at the advertised price point. Max

I was wondering why you kept mentioning vintage 😂😂

That price is actually super cheap, for what it offers. Fastest single engine prop plane, luxurious interior, etc. I have to go now. But talk later?

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