MadMax Video: AvHistory; The Pioneers: "Cockran" (#2 in a Series)

Jacqueline Cochran, earned her pilot license in 1932. A natural pilot! In 1934, she began racing and was the first woman to fly in the Bendix Race, which she won in 1937. Before the US involvement in WWII, she proposed a program to allow women pilots to staff non-combat duties, similar to the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). This proposal lead to her becoming the director of the WASPs (Woman Air Force Service Pilots). She was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross. A lifelong friend of Chuck Yeager, she was the first woman to break the sound barrier, with Yeager flying in the chase plane. She went on to set more speed, altitude, and distance records than any other pilot, male or female, holding them until her death in 1980. No other woman, and very few men were as influential to the era of modern aviation. (wiki)


Note you will find KTCM in SoCal (nr PSP) names after her :)

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I like the name of that video @Maxmustang. So explicit!


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