MadMax Photo/Video: AvHistory; The Pioneers: "Trippe & PanAm" (#3 in a Series)


Juan Trippe, a Naval Aviator was the father of American International Commercial Aviation. Trippe is a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame and holder of the Medal of Freedom, he initiated the first US successful international commercial air service (US Postal IntLic #1), Air Mail, Key West-Havana in the 20’s under the PanAm banner. PanAm lead by Trippe ruled the international and US domestic Skies & market for the next 60+ years. PamAm’s major firsts among many; 1st Trans-Atlantic/Pacific Commercial Route System, 1st successful Jet Service (B-707), the introduction of the Jumbo (B-747). PanAm’s forward bases during WWII provided the backbone of Allied Logistic Operations in the Far East and around the world. The Feud between PanAm and TWA, Trippe vs Hughes is legendary, the film “The Aviator” tells the tale.


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MaxSez: Aviation History, no takers again. I’m wasting my time generating the building blocks necessary to formulate a career path or full appreciation of a way of life and the passion of millions. Something smell rotten on this Aviation Forum. The odor is not from the real Player, those who have an interests in Flight, it’s history, it’s technical aspect and peripherals. The odor is permeated by the majority of members who would rather. Look for Waldo, down load Photos of some well know hunk of iron, whine about the wrong color scheme on an airliner they; never saw, flew or appreciated until that got a notion to keep up with or mimic there peanut partners. I’m so tired of the great unwashed and there asinine opinions. Complaints about the Training Server, name calling, mindless screeds and temper tantrums. Ok, I said it, I’m not done. I’ll be repeating this rant in a Differant Form repeatedly in the future. Take up the call! “We” need to flush this commode! Now on with today’s History Lesson. Bumping #3, Shazam!


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