MadMax How; "The Split-S", An Aerobatic Maneuver (2d in a Series)

MaxSez; Don’t try this in a Trash Hauler! The Split-S is a simple aerobatic maneuver, it’s also a tried and true Air Combat Manuver (ACM) utilized mostly to disengage from an encounter. Some call this maneuver a reverse Immelmann or an escape. Like all aerobatics/ACM in practice insure the aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, setup in the level stable flight condition and not within Controlled Airspace. Here’s How: To execute the Split-S you half roll to inverted an execute a descending half-loop resulting in level flight in the opposite direction. To perform a Split-S simply roll your stick to one side (L/R) and GENTLY pull up! (If you jerk, yank or add to much elevator or ailron at once during this maneuver your craft will do weird things!) (Various Sources)


The famous Immelmann Turn, I´ll make sure to try it on Solo.

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@Sturmovik… “Reverse Immelmann” Stormy. Differant stick manipulation.
The Spit-S is a modern high speed interpretation of the Spad killers interpretation. Go for it.

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The Split-S is a great tool to improve your airmanship, and expand your knowledge of your aircraft’s performance envelope!

I’m attaching an interview from a late legend in the airshow community, acrobatic pilot Jan Collmer. He provides an exercise that is fundamental to flying acrobatics. This goes hand in hand with the Split-S.

If you’re an AV history geek like me, you’ll probably be captivated for the whole 1.5hr interview. If not, fast forward to 49:50 and listen until you grasp the concept. Then go give it a try:


@Down4Double. Vega great vid. Gonna watch it a second time and take notes
What an interesting fellow. Every Hanger bum should watch it. Max


Agreed… I know it is a really long video, but if you have the time you’ll probably have fun. He has some stories that are real gems. My favorites were his stories about the Corsair in Korea and the French acro pilot explaining his incident.

Fun stuff, and a nice reminder at the end about why the aviation community is so great. Defiantly takes good people and “the right stuff” as you say.

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