MadMax How; The "Pugachev's Cobra/ Kolbit", Aerobatic/ACM Maneuvers (4th in a series: Archived) Video

MaxSez; Don’t try this in a Trash Hauler! The " Pugachev’s Cobra/ Kolbit" are simple aerobatic maneuver, there also tried and true Air Combat Manuver’s (ACM) utilized mostly to disengage or to cause an over shoot if in a 6 o’clock gun lock. Like all Aerobatics/ACM in practice, insure your aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, setup in a level stable flight condition and not within Controlled Airspace. Here’s How: To perform the “Cobra” at speed the nose of the aircraft is pitched up to 90*-120* angle of attach (airspeed bleeds off as you pitch), at 120* push the stick gently forward, the aircraft nose will fall back to the horizontal/ level flight in its original direction , throttle up, get stable, then continue the fight or maneuver. (The "Kulbit is a post stall maneuver similar to the “Cobra” but pushing thru to 360* pitch angle, a high energy loop.) (Various Sources)

(Tip; Despite the protection offered by ATC in controlled airspace under IFR or VFR conditions the primary responsibility for the safety of the aircraft rests with the pilot in command, the ultimate decision maker)


@AR_AR… Move this Topic to Tutorials with the other 3 pls. I no longer have the authority. I’m still on the wall of shame. Thanks, Max

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MaxSez: Appreciate your action Blue’y. Tech over BS every time.

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I’m not able to do this manoeuvre. Are there any videos of someone doing this in infinite flight?

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