MadMax How: Inverted Flight, An Aerobatic Maneuver (1st in a series)

MaxSez; Don’t try this in a Trash Hauler! Inverted Flight is accomplished by ensuring the aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, setup in a level stable flight condition and not within Controlled Airspace. Here’s How: By pulling back on the stick, the nose of the aircraft is pitched up to approximately 20 degrees nose-high and then rolled inverted. During the roll to inverted flight, it is important not to pull violently backwards on the stick (ie. a loaded roll) to ensure the nose does not get buried below the horizon. A proper entry results in an inverted nose-high attitude of approximately 15 degrees as the stick is gently, yet firmly, pushed forward to establish negative 1-G inverted flight. Reverse the procedure to recover. Good Luck!


YES. Keep these going pls.

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I’m assuming we don’t board passengers prior to this?


MaxSez: Good one Harry. Note my Rejoiner, Don’t do this in a “Trash Hauler”

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@IceBlue… MaxSez from the Response Ice it appears the peanuts are more interested in socializing and color coordination on airframes than aviator skills sets. What’s a old, bold Pilot to do… Maybe an aerobatic series is mot worth the time!

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I’ve seen the physics of this in a show called Outrageous Acts of Science the performance was so amazing, they got 1st place :) Anyway, nice way to further explain it Max :) It basically just switches the high and low pressure areas with that slight pitch adjustment 🤓

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