MadMax How; Inverted Flight, An Aerobatic Maneuver (1st in a series/Revised)

MaxSez; Don’t try this in a Trash Hauler or in the vicinity of an airdrome! Inverted Flight is accomplished by ensuring the aircraft is at a safe altitude, clear of other traffic, setup in level stable flight condition and not within Controlled Airspace. Here’s How: By pulling back on the stick, the nose of the aircraft is pitched up to approximately 20 degrees nose-high and then rolled inverted. During the roll to inverted flight, it is important not to pull violently backwards on the stick (ie. a loaded roll) to ensure the nose does not get buried below the horizon. A proper entry results in an inverted nose-high attitude of approximately 15 degrees as the stick is gently, yet firmly, pushed forward to establish negative 1-G inverted flight. Reverse the procedure to recover. Good Luck!


Possible on 747s

@Solgen. MaxSez: Only D. Washington would fly a trash hauler inverted via trick photography for a movie.

Malcontent Notice: (Pls Fly heavy iron inverted on the “Kiddy” server Kiddy’s)


@Lindbergh… MaxSez… Hollywood bumpkin! Saw a Flim once of a 707 inverted as a stunt. Believe it was a Luck Strike Cigaret commercial.

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MaxSez: this Topic died at Birth! Why is it a flying skill topics get passed over for kiddy BS and Did ya see the Dev kiss ups? So Sad, To Bad’


It’s not dead yet brother! I’m going to try this out first thing tomorrow. Keep the flying skill topics coming, both in and out of IF, please!

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My thought exactly! That you for posting this beautiful reference!

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