Maderia airport spotting LPMA

Spotting at Maderia Funchal with planes landing on the challenging approach onto runway 05

Just took some cool shots at Maderia on expert server at realistic spotting locations

My other spotting topic
Maho Beach shots (TNCM)

Tap A320

Two A320 on the apron

EasyJet A320

A330 neo


any airports to get some pics from if anybody wants a say?

DFW next please

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good shout but it’s kind of difficult to get traffic to come as I can’t make events so it kinda needs to be a 3D airport or a event going on at a major hub!

Nice shots I did a flight to Madeira on Sunday, from Manchester in the Easy A320

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Nice shots, what are the rules regarding other if pilots? If I screenshot them am I free to share those photos as long as I credit them ?

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Lovely topic!:)

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I don’t think you have to credit them say their ifc name