Madeira landing competition @ LPMA - 181800ZDEC17 [Cancelled]

Hello everyone training server

We will be flying from EGHQ to LPMA in the A319 British airways livery.

Time will be 1800ZGMT

Just ask for a space and I’ll give you one!

Gate A-24:@anon3820355

Gate A-23A:@PIXEL

Gate A-23:

Gate A-22:

Gate A-21:

Gate A-21A:

Gate A-20:

Happy landings!

I suggest you follow the proper format or risk being taken down

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@Jackalus_Mills Please follow profer format as provided by link above.


Yeah I accidentally clicked the post button eek

Could I have Gate A-24 please

Sure! Happy to help.


Can I get a gate please? Thanks

Sure happy to help. Happy 😃

Sorry delayed by half an hour. I’m doing IFATC at the minute. Sorry

Sorry about the delay

Start spawning now. Thanks

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