Madeira Funchal between 19:00 and 19:45 UTC

Another set of congratulations from me.

Well done to the approach at Madeira (who is @Jan_Sd) for giving us very good approaches into runway 05, you were calm and patient for us all, and professional at all times.

Another well done to the Tower, Luca Casali (@GCasali ). You handled Madeira very well, and I am sorry for completely messing up my backtracking, and taxing to a line of planes waiting to takeoff. Clearly shows that I need to practise at airports before flying in multiplayer to them.

Great job guys!


@MannyG Nice seeing you again too when you were Lisbon arrival.


Nice to read something positive about ATC for a change, thanks for sharing.

Regarding your familiarisation issue: Try to use charts for the airport or google earth imagery for better situational awareness.


Yes, I should’ve done that probably. I think because it was dark I missed a taxi line and went on and hit the takeoff line.

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Yes, Madeira is a very special field with only A and B for taxi to/from the apron + it’s special approach and backtrack in most occasions. Still worth a visit anytime!

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It’s certainly a beautiful approach though. A privilege to land on the bridge too.

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Hey, I hate to be a party pooper, but you shouldn’t make topics for this stuff, as topics like this can clutter up the forum and can easily be in a DM. If you don’t know their tag, you can use this:


Can’t disagree! I have yet to fly there in IF but been there IRL and it was fantastic.

If you have any questions on LPMA don’t hesitate to send me a PM.

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@Altaria55 Posts like this are just fine. Controllers love hearing from users who have enjoyed their service. Better yet, there is no better way to show appreciation than to let everyone know how good of a job they did. So with that being said, let’s put our hands together for these three great controllers!


I for some reason don’t see Luca Casili on that list.

Thank you @LazyGuy222 for the kind words! I appreciate . Glad you enjoyed , tower controller was @GCasali he did a nice job


@GCasali is your guy 😉


@Transport_Hub @Jan_Sd. Thanks guys! Big help

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